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Information on security measures, how to alert and conduct the public in case of an industrial
accident in ERCA WILMAR COSMETIC INGREDIENTS Sp. z o.o. plant,
in accordance with Article 261a. The Environmental Protection Law
(consolidated text Dz. U. 2001 No. 62 item 627 and its subsequent amendments)

  1. Description of the plant

    Plant operator ERCA WILMAR COSMETIC INGREDIENTS Sp. z o.o.
    Plant address ul. II Armii Wojska Polskiego 44, 08-400, Garwolin
    Plant manager address ul. Mianowskiego 3 lok. 6, 02-044, Warszawa
    Contact details tel.: +48 25 7861043 fax: +48 25 7861051 e-mail:
    Plant Director Paweł Balcerzak – Dyrektor Generalny
    Contact person in case of ZZR Plant manager – Marek Pieniążek
    KRS 0000180030
    VAT nr PL5262753192
    REGON nr 01556547
  2. Confirmation that the plant is a subject to regulations in the field of preventing industrial breakdowns and that the plant has reported and forwarded the accident prevention program to the relevant authorities.

    The plant run by ERCA WILMAR COSMETIC INGREDIENTS Sp. z o.o., in accordance with the requirements of the Ordinance of the Minister of Development of 29 January 2016 on the number and types of hazardous substances located in the plant area (Dz.U. 2016 item 138), was classified to a plant with an increased risk of a serious industrial accident (ZZR).

    The manager of the plant notified the plant to the relevant authorities in accordance with the Environmental Protection Law, i.e. to the district commander of the State Fire Service and to the Provincial Inspector for Environmental Protection and gave them the Prevention of Major Industrial Failure Program, which presents a safety system that guarantees protection of people and the environment which is part of the overall safety management system in the plant.

  3. Description of the plant activities

    ERCA WILMAR COSMETIC INGREDIENTS Sp. z o.o. conducts a production activity based on the production of basic products or semi-finished organic chemicals, which are used mainly in the cosmetics industry. The production is conducted through the use of chemical processes and using IPPC installations (Integrated Pollution Prevention and Control) for production, located in the Production Plant in Garwolin, str. II Armii Wojska Polskiego 44 and owned by ERCA WILMAR COSMETIC INGREDIENTS Sp. z o.o.
    The production process is periodic and is run in campaign mode on production equipment. The installation includes a number of structurally and technologically related devices, process lines and unit installations necessary to conduct basic processes related to the production of the final product.
    The maximum theoretical capacity of the installation is 30,000 kg/day (with an average product density of 1.25 Mg / m3) and depends on the type of final product.
    The raw materials are mainly unsaturated (and saturated) acids and fatty alcohols C8 – 18 and derivatives of these compounds. These are mainly solids and liquids with relatively high viscosity and low resilience.
    The technological process involves storing raw materials in heated tanks and transporting them with shell-hung pipelines to reactors. A proper chemical reaction occurred in reactors and the raw finished product is formed. Devices such as condensers, phase separators and receivers are involved in this process.
    The final products are esters, amides and quaternary ammonium salts, which are packed in bags on pallets, drums or IBCs.
    Both raw materials and finished products, with a few exceptions, are solid or liquids with a low vapor pressure at ambient temperature.

  4. Characteristics of stored dangerous substances that decide on classifying the plant to the plant with an increased risk.

    Chemical name CAS Classification and type of risk
    diethyl sulfate

    64-67-5 H302 Harmful if swallowed
    H312 Harmful in contact with skin
    H314 Causes severe skin burns and eye damage
    H332 Harmful if inhaled
    H340 May cause genetic defects
    H350 May cause cancer
  5. Information on how to alert and conduct the public in the case of a major industrial accident

    ERCA WILMAR COSMETIC INGREDIENTS has a procedure defining how to proceed, including methods for alerting and conducting the public in case of a major industrial accident in the plant. The procedure is part of the Safety Management System in the factory.

    In case of an industrial breakdowns, the behavior of the factory’s employees depends on the type of event occurred, what hazardous substances have been involved in the incident and what type of hazard occurs for people and/or the environment.
    The public will always be informed in case of:

    • fire
    • explosion
    • emission of a toxic or ecotoxic substance outside the plant

    In case of a breakdown which, due to the range of impact, may pose a real threat to residents and people in buildings located in the vicinity of the plant, the public should be informed. Information on the occurrence of a breakdown and the manner of proceeding will be provided by company employees authorized for this purpose, service and institutions that will carry out activities related to the liquidation of this threat and mass media.

    In case of a serious industrial accident, detailed instructions will be given on how to proceed, in particular:

    • do not approach to the place of the event,
    • leave as soon as possible the place of the event to a distance determined as safe,
    • close the windows and stay at home until the alarm is canceled so as not to inhale the smoke or unusual smell,
    • if necessary, take care of children, the elderly and follow information in the mass media (on the local media websites).