Business model

ERCA WILMAR being an industrial producer of specialty ingredients for cosmetic manufacturer is located in the middle of supply chain. From upstream side is sourcing necessary raw materials which are derivatives mainly of natural palm oil, palm kernel, coconut oil, castor oil, corn or wheat starch but also a wide variety of other synthetic alcohols,acids, EO.

From the downstream side we are surrounded by industrial manufacturers of endless diversity of personal care products. From shampoos, through white creams, rinse-off creams, hair care products ,hair dyes, conditioners, lubricants, lipsticks, sunscreens, shaving creams, bath foams to make-up products and spa high performance cosmetics.

Among our customers there are either global players as well as locally present medium and small market actors. Our business model precisely defined to serve successfully such fragmented downstream market is based on industrial platform of chemical plants, belonging directly to ERCA WILMAR or belonging to either shareholders, located in several countries in Europe and in SEA.

On top of that there is an overlapping of commercial and Logistics platform spread over geographical regions of EMEA, SAE, LATAM and US.